Kuldeep singh

Kuldeep Singh is 24 years old, and seeking an opportunity to provide income for his family. Having lost his father at a young age, Kuldeep wants to become the primary source of income in his family. He wishes to invest in a Rickshaw which will be used to transport goods, generating 350-400 rupees daily. MicRoh Financing will empower Kuldeep by giving him the loan he needs to buy this rickshaw, since he cannot afford interest rates at the bank. This job is extremely safe, and by lending opportunity we will help improve the life of his family. Donations raised are $750, and through the $600 loan repayment from Sarvjit Singh so far, our total amount for the loan is $1150. The principle amount needed to fund this project is $2000, so let's raise $850 and break another cycle of poverty!

project buffalo

sarvjit singh

Sarvjit lives in a town outside of Chandigarh. Recently, he lost his father in a motor-vehicle accident, and his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He has been struggling to support his family, and pay for his mothers treatment. To overcome this problem, he plans to buy a buffalo, from which he will be able to sell milk. He has done his homework on the cost of a buffalo, the selling price of the milk, the loan payments he can afford, and the profit he can make. If things go well, more buffalo may be in Sarvjit's future, but he is more than willing to start small, work hard, and build his business. 

UPDATE: Sarvjit was issued a $1000 CAD loan, and has paid back $600 of it to date. He has improved his family's standard of living, and has been able to invest some of his earnings in raising a second water buffalo!

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