June 2014: The MicRoh Financing concept is launched.

September 2015: The first loan application is approved for Sarvjit Singh, and we begin breaking the cycle of poverty.

March 2017: The first half of Sarvjit's loan has been repaid successfully.

July 2017: Kuldeep Singh's business plan has been approved, and we are raising money to issue a loan!


The gift of giving is magical.  Building something sustainable is life changing for everyone. How can YOU help? Ask us!

mission & vision

We are a catalyst of ongoing change.  Creating opportunities, providing support, and breaking the cycle of poverty - one entrepreneur at a time.

CK Chawla
His background in banking is critical in assessing business ideas and scheduling repayment terms.

Rakesh Kumar, CA
Leading the business advisory services. Helping the entrepreneur  optimize their operations.

Unfair circumstances lead to many people suffering everyday. Living in a prosperous country, many of us say we are going to "be the change", however those words are rarely followed by actions. This isn't because people aren't compassionate and thoughtful, we think people want a simple way to help each other, but they get lost in the "how?". MicRoh Financing can change that. We have built a sustainable model that provides startup capital and business advisory services, to open doors for those who need it most. With 100% of every dollar donated going to the program!


 Help us change lives - forever!

                                   Rohin Buttar Dharam Buttar 

Foundation History

Lend opportunity.

Pam Sahsi, CMA
Providing guidance and support to the project, and insight into the applicants proposals.

Pami Buttar , CA
The CFO for this venture, ensuring that funds are distributed correctly and managed properly.

recent programs

Our MicRoh Financing project in Northern India has kicked off with our first loan issued in September 2015, and our second loan approved July 2017!

our leadership team