Help us fund  deserving entrepreneurs with a donation that keeps giving. Micro-businesses power local economies in the developing world, yet entrepreneurs are often stuck in a cycle of poverty. MicRoh Financing provides start-up capital in the form of interest-free loans to people who qualify, by combining local business expertise with the power of online crowdfunding. As loans are repaid, more new loans are made, creating a cycle of prosperity. Learn More!

How can a new auto rickshaw change a life?

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The cycle of poverty continues generation to generation for most of the world's underprivileged people. Poverty is a financial trap which prevents people from climbing out of a life of pain and suffering. They need our help. We can open the door by providing their first loan. This is our goal, and could become yours too. Let's help one person at a time break these chains, and free themselves and their children forever.

 MicRoh Financing is helping others start a life that they could never begin on their own.  How? We provide the necessary start up capital, by the way of an interest free loan, to allow people the opportunity to build their own business. Once the loan is repaid, we re-lend it to the next applicant and start changing another life. We keep hitting repeat!

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Lend opportunity.

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Hope in Action

  • Northern India
    We have chosen to begin our work in this unique region because of our contacts and experience there. With the assistance of our CFO Incorporated partners in Chandigarh, we are able to interview potential candidates by Skype, and have local experts interview and visit our applicants in person. This provides the detail required to assure business worthiness as well as provide the best mentoring and advice possible.

Sarvjit Singh may be poverty stricken, however he has big dreams. Starting with one water buffalo, he hopes to expand this small investment into something much bigger. Within three years, he wants to obtain up to ten buffalo, which will be able to pull his family out of the current economic state they are in. Follow his progress, and support MicRoh Financing.

Our Mission

CFO Incorporated Partners with MicRoh Financing


CFO Incorporated, a leader in outsourced accounting and analytics, has joined the MicRoh Financing team. CFO will provide leadership, support, and donate the needed infrastructure to kick off the Northern India project. This will ensure that 100% of every dollar raised will be spent helping businesses grow. 


Thank you, CFO!


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